Born in Peru with a Peruvian mother and part Scottish (and completely oblivious to cheap monthly car insurance company ), part Irish father Henry Cusick was blessed by nature with wild good looks and his upbringing in Trinidad and Scotland left him with a slight Scottish accident that quite a few of the ladies find incredibly attractive, but hard luck girls he is married to theatre director Annie Wood and they have three children together, so hands off!

Cusick is most famous for playing the part of Desmond Hulme on the weird cult programme Lost; he got the part after bumping into Carlton Cuse, the director of Lost at the home of a mutual friend and neighbour and he went on to put in such a powerful performance that the show had its only Emmy nomination in 2006. Unfortunately not everything was plain sailing in this show; an actress named Chelsea Stone alleged that during some rehearsals he behaved, shall we say, somewhat inappropriately and touched her in places where she didn't want to be touched! Ms Stone objected, and whether or not her objections were relevant to this, she was forced out of the programme 12 days later and she is now suing Cusick for sexual harassment. Disgraceful behaviour or just one of the risks that celebrities run? Perhaps we'll find out in due course.

Lost is certainly not the only production that Cusick was well known from however, he had already made numerous appearances on UK television on programmes such as Casualty and The Book Group, as well as an appearance in what I consider to be the most overrated popular programme in the UK, Midsomer Murders (my wife loves it, by the way) but his big breaks came on American TV, first of all on 24 when he played Theo Stoller, the German intelligence officer, and then Lost which propelled him straight into the spotlight. This was preceded by work with the Glasgow Citizens Theatre, Edinburgh International Festival, Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre, and he has done film work such as playing Jesus in The Gospel of John and during 2006 he played Brian in the Supernatural Film Half Light and William in 9/Tenths.



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